Do you know who's reading your digital ads?


Probably not. You may know how many people have clicked but do you know who they are, what they want and where to find them? Unlikely.

When they click, you may have them go to a landing page where they sign up for more information but do you know specifically what they’re interested in and why? Doubtful.

Do you know where else they shop and what they think of the competition? Now, you may think I’m posing the impossible.

But, you can answer all the questions above affirmatively with the Oomiji platform. You can see who clicks on your ads, where they are, what they’re interested in, why, and answer a host of other questions that will help you sell them what they’re looking for.

Oomiji has done something that is simply common sense. When your customers sign up, they express their interests and then you can tailor your marketing specifically to what they’re looking for. It’s not an algorithm. It’s a conversation, and it gets you away from data that is just based on the past to what they want in the future. 

Don’t get us wrong. Algorithms have their place, like when you have 100 million people in your database and only ¼ of 1% who bought underwear last week want socks this week. That’s 250,000 people or a lot of socks. But if, like most companies, your database is a lot smaller, it’s costing you a lot to sell those small percentages. You’d do better knowing just what they’re looking for and selling that to them. It could be socks, underwear or even wine. 

Marketers are moving away from Big Data to gaining a granular knowledge of their customers so they can actually build relationships with them. That’s what the Oomiji platform does and you can see how it works through a free demo.

Lidija Markes