New partnership offers an innovative solution to customer engagement


Tempesta Media, a content creation and micro-influencer marketing technology platform, has announced its partnership with Oomiji, a world-class customer relationship management solution. Tempesta Media and Oomiji, a company that makes 1:1 marketing a reality, have come together to solve the challenge of personalized marketing. “Content marketing works best when highly relevant content is targeted to the right audience,” said Michael Marchese, Founder and CEO of Tempesta Media. “No one is better at uncovering the right audience than Oomiji.”

Oomiji provides the tools for true customer engagement by enabling organizations to address their audiences on an individually targeted basis. “Millions of generalized marketing emails are sent on a daily basis, yet there is no “general consumer”. It’s no surprise that engagement rates are low,” said Jon Stamell, Oomiji CEO. Oomiji gives marketers the ability to address consumers based on their individualized interests and needs.

Oomiji is a cloud-based subscription marketing system that helps businesses and non-profits build databases of customers, understand their needs and better communicate. It allows for more informed decision-making and enables businesses to gain deep customer insights and better target their audiences.

About Oomiji: 

Headquartered in New York City, Oomiji is dedicated to providing businesses with the ability to truly understand and communicate with their customers. To that end, they have created a revolutionary platform that facilitates meaningful dialogue between companies and consumers. For more information about Oomiji and its approach to customer interaction, please visit 

About Tempesta Media: 

Founded in 2011, Tempesta Media is a content creation and micro-influencer marketing technology platform for enterprises. Using proprietary technology and nearly 20,000 vetted content creators, the company can produce and amplify expert content at scale while maintaining 10 times the quality of comparable solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, Tempesta Media serves customers in over 100 industry segments. For more information on how Tempesta Media can help your business scale quality content marketing, please visit

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