Other research platforms can’t compete


That’s a claim you’d might expect us to make and you can probably imagine the usual reasons that every company would give for such a claim, like quality, price, or service,.  Well, our reasons are different from what you may be thinking.

Let’s say you’ve just completed a new research survey.  Now, you’re onto analysis and the software has left it up to you to determine what to analyze and how to go about it.  But you get through that, have completed your analysis and reporting and what are you left with?  A report that leaves more questions than answers and may identify characteristics of certain groups but doesn’t tell you who, specifically, those groups are.  Plus, you’ve paid for every research response you received.

The Oomiji difference:

  • Basic analysis is built in via charts and graphs.  You want to make it more complex, simply add some filters and voila! Like most survey software, you can ask closed- or open-ended questions and some may even show you word clouds, but unlike any survey software Oomiji word clouds can do this: Allow you to delete words (yes, some others do this).
    • Allow you to combine words into phrases.
    • Click on any word and see every sentence where that word appeared; now, we’re onto something!
    • Score words positive, neutral or negative and see the color of your word cloud change to give you a quick picture.
    • Instantly convert your word cloud into a chart of top 20, 10 or 5 words.
  • Instantly convert your reporting from zip code, to city to state or region.
  • Append every bit of information you received to each individual’s file in a database.
  • Segment the database by any combination of criteria from your questions.
  • Download emails of your segments so you can email customers with targeted, tailored communications.

And on top of all that, you don’t pay by the completed survey but by the size of your database.  That means you can go back to people again and again thereby turning research into customer engagement.  Now, you know why Oomiji is better than anything out there.  Get introduced to oomiji and then contact us for a demo.

Lidija Markes