"We Know Who You Are" is not the best we can do.


In a recent blog post on the site Strategy + Business, business journalist, Matt Palmquist, makes the case for personalized emails in his post, “We Know Who You Are” Is a Profitable Pitch”. Palmquist writes, “marketers are (similarly) in the dark about sales directly linked to their digital campaigns.” He then goes on to chide marketers for fearing “a backlash from consumers who would be turned off by unsolicited messages popping up in their inbox that appear to know too much about their Web habits.” To counter these fears, he points out that unsubscribes are lower and salutations include the recipient’s name and that sales leads run almost a third higher with personalization. He concludes “people automatically react positively to their own name, and tend to appreciate ads that appeal to some aspect of their own identity.”

We agree but, at Oomiji, we go a lot further in helping you understand your customers’ needs and address them specifically. Oomiji captures their needs, interests, perceptions and frustrations. That’s important because a frustration is nothing more than an unmet need. Understand them and you know how to engage a customer. Solve their frustrations and you’ll have a profitable customer for life. For one long-time client, we’ve helped them increase their sales more than 10% a year while the rest of the market has been growing at 3-4% over the same period. For another, we’re running email open-rates as high as 70%. The case to be made to your customers is not that you’ll personalize their emails but that you’ll reduce meaningless emails and only send them what matters most to them.

With Oomiji, you can say to your customers, “We know who you are, what you want and we’re going to give it to you.” That’s a promise you can keep and it’s one that resonates with customers because it’s treating them and their time with value. We’d love to show you how Oomiji can help you engage your customers and build both their loyalty and your sales.

Lidija Markes