Now That Facebook is Changing, What's the Alternative?


Brand marketers who rely on Facebook publishing as part of their digital marketing programs are about to see some big changes that will dramatically affect their readership. There’s been a lot of media coverage of the impending changes in the Facebook algorithm but Inc. magazine does a good job of distilling it all down to “9 Things Publishers Need to Know About the News Feed Armageddon“.

In short, posts from brand pages will be suppressed as much as 5X because they will be scored differently from posts from friends. According to Inc., “the effect on post-engagement will be devastating” and estimates that page reach, clicks and engagement will drop by as much as 80%. On top of that, ad inventory is expected to drop and rates will skyrocket.

While engagement has been declining in recent years, this throws a wrench into social media programs and digital marketing plans. It also presents a dilemma for advertising and PR agencies that sell social media services as one of their offerings. 

We believe it’s to not just create the content but to own your own channel. At Oomiji, we build the channel that brands or their agencies can use to deliver content. The tools include tech that both attracts customers and segments them at the same time, not just by demo and geo markers but also by interests, needs and perceptions. Your content can then be specific to each person’s unique characteristics and needs. The result is higher engagement than you were achieving through Facebook.

It’s like having a conversation about what a customer is interested in and then responding to his or her specific needs. By treating each of your customers as a segment of 1, you gain loyalty and sales. Social media posts, such as on Facebook, gain traction with 2% to 5% of their likes. Oomiji can increase engagement and the quality of those that are viewing your content.

Can others do this? There are dozens of marketing platforms from which to choose from but Oomiji is the only one where you can see the actual language that your customers use to talk about your brand and uses that language to respond to them in compelling ways. It’s time to give Oomiji a try.

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