Spark conversations with your users and segment using their responses.


You Pay For Only What You Need

Get access to Oomiji platform through these monthly plans to increase engagement and to start targeting customers on an individually basis. Oomiji is built to be friendly and we can customize our platform to integrate with yours if needed. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

No contracts here. Just affordable month to month access to your conversation platform.


Standard Plan

No setup or training fee; Unlimited open & closed-ended questions; Unlimited conversations & responses; Contacts and conversation manager; Observations segmentation; 1,000 emails; 1 seat (additional seat $30)

$60.00 per month per 1,000 customers

Oomiji Custom Support

Unlimited customers for multiple brands; Support for CRM, unlimited seats; All the features; Set up & analysis; White Labeling can be provided; Multiple types of content to fit client needs

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