Don’t Put Off Website Redesign

We recently completed the redesign of our website. We put it off for several years dreading the process of developing a better definition of our business and how to visually convey it in a website. But it was well worth the time and only a few weeks after putting it up on the web, it’s already paying dividends.

We reviewed dozens of website design companies and received a lot of proposals. We ended up hiring FCS Web Development in Porto, Portugal. The owner, Francisco Silva gave us a vision for the website while in the proposal process that seemed to capture what we’re about as opposed to other companies that would essentially promise that they’ll work to create a vision for what we would end up with after we hired them.

We entered the process with some apprehension being an American company and having a Portuguese firm create our website. However, there was no cultural or business gap in our discussions with Francisco. His language and cultural fluency enabled him to quickly absorb the messaging in our promotional materials and discuss how our marketing technology platform differs from others in the market. 

Redesign caused us to redefine our business and be more specific on what we’re about, how we’re different and distinct from other offerings in the market. As a good listener, interpreter and designer, Francisco was able to put our words into an effective web design.

Rather than giving us a blank slate where we had to write the website’s text, he took different sections from our promotional materials and used them as placeholders. This made it easy for us to review and determine whether we agreed with the purpose and placement and to write the text that was needed. The technology he brought to the website’s development facilitates movement through it and does a great job of communicating how our platform works.

We’ve worked with many businesses around the world both for ourselves and for clients and I can say that this was one of the easiest processes we’ve been through. I’m sure we’ll be making small changes to the website as we go along but we’re really pleased with how this turned out. 

Within a week of putting the new website on the web, we started to receive inquiries about how our platform can help different brand marketing programs. That’s quick and rewarding feedback to get for a project that we put off for too long.

We hope you’ll take a look at it and give us your review.

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